Toddlers Flashcards
Toddlers Flashcards is designed for toddlers and preschoolers to help them learn new words and expand their vocabulary.
With its engaging and entertaining interface (high-quality, real-life pictures) kids can choose different categories and learn at their own pace.
Discover over 5000 terms in multiple categories and multiple languages.


School Flashcards At school
Things you could find at school, from pencil to blackboard.

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Beach Flashcards At the beach
Things you could find at the beach from star fish to sand castle.
Birds Flashcards Birds
Learn about 41 different species of birds.
Body Parts Flashcards Body parts
Discover the human body with real-life pictures.
Closet Flashcards In the closet
Things you could find in a closet, from clothing to accessories.
Colors Flashcards Color
Discover colors with real-life pictures of objects and things.
Farm Flashcards At the farm
Learn about animals and things you could find at the farm in 40 cards.
Flags Flashcards Flags
Learn the name and flags of over 150 different countries.
Food Flashcards Food
Learn about food, from eggs to apple pie.
Fruits Flashcards Fruits & veggies
Discover more than 50 kinds of fruits and vegetables.
Kitchen Flashcards In the kitchen
Things you could find in your kitchen, from spoon to blender.
Letters Flashcards Letters
Learn the letters of the alphabet with engaging and real-life pictures.
Nature Flashcards Nature
Things you could find in nature. From flowers to rainbow.
Numbers Flashcards Numbers
Learn how to count.
Presidents Flashcards Presidents
Learn the name of all the US presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama.
Safari Flashcards Safari
Discover animals and things you would see in Africa.
States Flashcards States
Discover the 50 States of our nation. Learn their names, their flags, and their map.
Things Flashcards Objects and things
Various things and objects from bicycle to lamp.
Transportation Flashcards Transportation
Learn about different means of transportation.
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